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Aches Away

Aches Away is an 8-week exploration course that covers mindfulness techniques (such as yoga, tai chi and more) to help manage physical and mental pain. Targeted benefits: Pain relief, lower stress, improved mental outlook, better sleep.

Cold Laser Therapy

Infrared light is used to heal and provide relief for pain, wounds, arthritis, scars and ulcers by accelerating cellular reproduction and growth. Targeted benefits: Reduced inflammation, pain relief, wound healing, tissue regeneration.


Essential Oil Therapy

Natural plant extracts are applied topically, inhaled or put into a diffuser for a wide range of mind and body health benefits. Targeted benefits: Improved emotional balance, reduced anxiety, better sleep, pain relief, increased immunity.

Food as Medicine

Fresh, locally sourced food helps to reap maximum benefits from nature’s vitamins, minerals and herbs. Targeted benefits: More energy, better mood, reduced inflammation, pain relief, increased immunity, improved appearance.


Grounding Therapy

Being in contact with the Earth’s natural charge allows the body to absorb negative ions that work like antioxidants, protecting the body from free radicals that chip away at our health. Targeted benefits: Lower stress, better sleep, pain relief, reduced inflammation, improved wound healing.

Infrared Therapy

The pad’s infrared rays penetrate deep into your muscles, nerves and bones to improve health and comfort. Targeted benefits: Pain relief, detoxification, reduced muscle tension, relief from inflammation, improved sleep, relaxation, calm.


Rehabilitation Therapy

Consisting of physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT) and speech therapy, rehabilitation therapy employs many modalities to help individuals live as independently and as safely as possible.

Reiki / Massage

Manual manipulation of the body’s tissues (massage) and energy healing (Reiki) promote physical and mental relaxation to accelerate the self-healing process. Targeted benefits: Lower stress and anxiety, reduced fatigue, better sleep, pain relief.


Weighted Blankets

The extra weight on the body provides gentle, deep pressure that triggers the body to release calming chemicals. Targeted benefits: Increased happiness, reduced anxiety, better sleep, improved focus, better digestion.

Yoga/Tai Chi (see Aches Away, video above)

Focused on body movements and postures, these exercises are low impact and adaptable to personal limitations. Targeted benefits: Improved balance, strength and flexibility, lower stress, improved focus, better sleep, pain relief.

Videos Of different modalities of Integrative Health
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